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Our Firm has answered industry demands with design/build capabilities and a corporate structure enabling client solutions through concept and construction to operations and maintenance.

Our design team consists of seasoned professionals in the areas of professional engineering and design, computer networking; design and integration; CADD; cost analysis; and project management. This team works with clients, equipment vendors, architects, and product manufacturers to formulate design concepts that meet and exceed clients' expectations. Beyond this, project engineers work closely with the construction team to ensure design credibility.

The company's multiple divisions lend discipline-specific expertise and seasoned engineers to the design process. We have exceptional field staff that offers years of systems construction experience.

Our Company created the Applied Technologies Group (ATG) to address the engineering and design needs relative to complex systems construction. ATG team members specialize in security, life safety, access control, voice and data networks, fiber optic, microwave, telecommunications, and other advanced technologies. ATG has completed from campus-wide distribution systems to highly sensitive and classified turnkey projects for the federal government.

In House Design / Build Deliverables:

  • System Requirements Document
  • Design Specifications
  • Test and Training Plans
  • CADD Renderings & 3-D Illustration
  • Block Diagrams
  • Equipment Layouts
  • System Schematics
  • As-Built Configuration Management Tool


Our company offers the industry's most comprehensive package of Energy Services, drawing from over fifty years of experience in the design, construction and maintenance of all levels of power systems. This extensive experience enables us to provide system solutions to clients of all sizes and complexity.

Our capabilities include:

Power Systems Construction

Critical Power

Power Systems Testing and Maintenance

Solar Power & off Grid Power Systems

Power Systems Construction

We boast vast experience in the construction of complex power distribution systems. As we have the proven background and ability to provide assistance with all levels of design and the complete implementation of construction and maintenance projects. Our capabilities in this field include:

  • High Voltage Line Construction
  • Substation Structures
  • Switchgear Installation, Replacement, & Retrofit
    • Oil, Vacuum, SF6 Breakers
  • Transformer Installation & Replacement
    • Oil, Silicon, Cast Coil Dry Type
    • Network & Loop Type
  • Bus Duct Feeders
  • Electronic Metering
  • Advanced Relaying & Supervisory Schemes

As a part of our high voltage services, we offer the complete installation, splicing, termination and testing of high voltage cabling systems of all insulation types, including lead splices and potheads. Our cable installers are factory-trained and certified to perform both splices and terminations up to 35 kV. Furthermore, we own and operate our own aerial and underground cable installing machinery and equipment.
We are also qualified to work with PCB Transformers. Our experience with industrial power distribution projects lead our company to be one of the industry pioneers in the removal and replacement of PCB contaminated transformers. We have performed or managed all facets of this work since 1983, and we are proud of our reputation in the removal, replacement, remediation, disposal, flushing and retrofilling of PCB contaminated electrical equipment. Furthermore, we are knowledgeable of and strictly adhere to the EPA regulations regarding these hazardous substances.
Additionally, we perform a variety of lighting services including indoor, outdoor and specialty lighting projects. We design lighting systems to meet individual facility or client needs.

Outdoor Lighting

Athletic Field Lighting

Airfield Lighting

Runway Series Loops

Taxiway Guidance

Aircraft Approach Lighting

Parking Lot Lighting

Street Lighting

High Mast Highway Lighting

Ornamental Street Lighting

Electrical Signage




Critical Power

Our Critical Power Group's expertise includes engineering, installation, proactive preventive maintenance and design/build services.
The Critical Power Group provides the expertise and services to ensure the integrity of mission critical systems by understanding customer needs and operations. Our menu of services is aimed at ensuring continuous uptime, preventing disruptive and costly outages, and providing effective data center infrastructure support:

Uninterruptible Power Supply Systems (UPS)
UPS and Related Power Equipment Installation
UPS Start-Up & Testing Services
UPS Engineering Specifications
UPS Preventive Maintenance Services
Power System Analysis
UPS Power Quality Surveys and Measurements
Coordination Studies
UPS Emergency Response and Troubleshooting
Professional Engineering Services

Specialty Lighting

Exhibit Lighting

Theatre Lighting

Landscape Lighting

Accent Lighting

Advanced Lighting Control

Photoelectric Daylight



Motion Sensing

Capacitance Sensing

Computer Controlled

Energy Saving Upgrades

Shared Savings & Rebate Programs

Power Systems Testing and Maintenance

Our company maintains a staff specializing in the engineering, testing and maintenance of electrical systems. Every inspection and testing is documented and quality assured by technicians who stand ready to perform any emergency repair services. We can dedicate full-time technicians to clients when necessary. The company offers:

Circuit Breaker Testing & Analysis
Insulating Liquid Sampling, Testing & Analysis
DC Testing of Transformers
AC Testing of Transformers
Gas Testing
Relay Testing & Calibration
System Ground Testing
Cable & Splice Testing - AC/DC Hi-Pot & Megger
CoGeneration System Testing
Testing & Maintenance of Storage Battery Systems
Infrared Scanning
Power Factor Testing & Analysis
Custom Maintenance Programs


Our Company has been a communications service provider in the mid-1960s. From this point to present, We have mastered the evolving technologies relevant to voice and data communications. Today, the company is one of the nation's most respected communication systems contractors.

From infrastructure design and installation to network configuration and management, our staffs are seasoned professionals experienced at every level of the communications structure. 

These areas of focus include:

Fiber Optic Communication
With the advent of fiber optic technology, we aggressively trained our technicians and managers in order to first achieve and then maintain our current position as a leading fiber optic cable and premise distribution contractor in the Washington area.

We operate a BICSI certified, on-site training facility employing a BICSI Certified Master Instructor, for training and certification.

We maintain this position by continuously training its staff and tackling on the most complex and challenging projects. The firm provides cabling infrastructure, ranging from small data center installations to large-scale campus backbones. Our abilities include: 

Turnkey Fiber Optic Premise Distribution Systems
        Turnkey Fiber Optic Cable Systems
              Mechanical and Fusion Splicing
              OTDR and Power Loss Testing
        Special Requirements

Voice and Data Networks
Our Company has designed, installed and maintained voice and data networks since the early 1970s, when it began installing some of the first legacy LANs and WANs. The company works with manufacturers, system integrators, and equipment suppliers to provide low cost, highly effective solutions to voice and LAN system requirements.

        Various Media
              Twisted Pair
              Fiber Optic Media
              Broadband Systems - Dual and Single Cable
        Various Networks
              Token Ring
        Various Protocols

Network Management
With network installation comes Network Management. Our network engineers have a working knowledge of network management protocols such as SNMP (v2), CMIP, RMON, and network sniffers. We have worked with an extensive array of network management products such as HPOpenView, Cabletron Spectrum, CiscoWorks, Optivity, NetSys, and NetMake. In addition, M.C. Dean has a staff of CAD engineering designers regularly documenting existing, design, and as-built network configurations.

Our Company provides customers with various types of network performance reporting formats to show network utilization, availability, network trends, and problematic areas. We also use standard trouble ticketing and resolution logging methods for identifying, documenting, and tracking required system and network modifications and repairs.

Information Systems
Our Firm is experienced in all facets of computer and application technology. Its versatile professional staff is proficient in multimedia systems, Internet security, Windows NT, Unix, Lotus Notes, IBM Mainframes, databases, programming, systems administration, Web services, and systems training on a variety of platforms and applications. In addition, We have a consulting services division that provides IS services for commercial customers requiring assistance in developing an integrated IS strategy.

Network Security
        Firewall installation and monitoring including proxy services, Network Address Translation
(NAT), packet filtering
        File server auditing, workstation and server security, architecture design and maintenance
        Virtual Private Networking (VPN) and Ext


We are a leader in security systems installation and maintenance. The firm is DCJS-Certified from the corporate level to individual technicians. Our Security and Electronic Systems Division (SES), provides design and technical services to commercial, industrial and governmental clients. The division specializes in security and electronic systems with a wide array of services. These include conceptualization and planning, design, integration and implementation, as well as acceptance testing and follow-on support. The diversity of our experience allows us to address a multitude of specialized areas within the fields of security and electronic systems.

Intrusion Detection System

Access Control Systems

Closed Circuit TV Sound

Audio/Visual Systems

Criminal Justice Facility Security


Intrusion Detection Systems 

During this time, we have provided major systems nationwide and around the world for both the government and private sector. Our expertise has broadened to include all of the following:

Interior and Perimeter IDS
Fiber Optic and Copper DTM
Custom Software Based Systems
Design/Build Turnkey Systems
Access Control and CCTV Interfaces

Access Control Systems 

Boasting extensive experience with the design and installation of Access Control Systems. We have worked with the latest technologies involved in today's Distributive Systems. These include card readers, digital video badging, and biometrics personal identification devices such as iris scan, voice recognition, and signature and fingerprint verification. Our proficiency in this field is demonstrated by the fact that access control equipment manufacturers such as Logiplex and MDI select us as subcontractor on their most difficult projects.

Closed Circuit TV                                                      

Having vast experience in the design and installation of Closed Circuit Television Systems, and the company maintains dealership agreements with suppliers such as Javelin, Vicon and Panasonic. Our firm holds in-house seminars on CCTV systems to keep employees abreast of the advances in the industry. Services include:

Cable and Closed Circuit TV Networks
Video Motion Detection - DAVID, ADPRO
Complete Design and Testing
Customized Control Stations
Secure and Tamperproof Installations

Sound and Audio/Visual Systems 

We provide all levels of audio/visual, sound and paging systems. Our competence in this area includes advanced Nurse Call systems, Inmate Monitoring systems, Intercom and Theatre sound systems and complete A/V projection systems and conference room sound systems.

Criminal Justice Facility Security

Criminal Justice Security Design and Consulting is an area of exceptional achievement for the staff regarding Security and Electronic Systems Group (SES). Our staff has direct experience in providing security programming, planning, design, integration and acceptance at nearly 100 criminal justice facilities around the country. Currently our staff is performing on statewide adult and juvenile criminal justice facility upgrades to state prototypical designs and technology upgrades. These examples coupled with a multitude of diverse and noteworthy achievements place our staff amongst the most experienced Criminal Justice Security professionals in the country today.

Life Safety

We have been installing life safety systems since the 1950s. The length and extent of our experience has enabled us to work with a variety of systems and technologies. Our broad spectrum of expertise includes:

Fire Prevention

Adherence to NEC (NFPA 70)
Adherence to NESC (IEEE Standards)
Adherence to UL -Electrical Maintenance, NFPA 70-B

Detection & Alarm System Installations

Emergency Communications Systems
Fireman's Telephone System
Graphic and Digital Annunciation System
Voice/Alarm Evacuation Systems
Protective Signaling Systems
Central Station Systems - McCulloh (DC) circuits, multiplexing, digital networks,
RF transmission

Automatic Fire Detection
IR and UV Flame

Suppression Systems
Water & Fire Pumps
Automatic Sprinkler Systems

Waterflow Alarm & Sprinkler System Supervision

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